Bimbos Bimbo World

The Bimbofication Institute – Producing perfectly trained bimbos for you.
The Bimbo Maid Club – High quality bimbo maids at your service.


Dolcett Dolcettish World
Imagine a world with an overwhelming amount of women, willing and eager to please. Imagine a world where it is quite normal to use women for sexual pleasure and..... as a supply for meat.

Every woman of legal age is obliged to take part in the governmental meat lottery. When her number comes up she has to report to the next slaughterhouse to be processed


Slaves Slavers & Slaves

Life was hard for slavegirls in the bad old times.
Slavegirl school – where schoolgirls learn to be perfect sex and pain toys.
Family slaves – free to use mother daughters and aunts.
Slave nuns, cum dumps, BDSM gym and more.


Sissy Sissy Boys

Cute sissy boys serving their masters and mistresses.


Dickgirl Dickgirls


Fantasy Fantasy

Little witches and horny monsters and grave keepers trying to protect their place from those little witches. Demons and mad scientists and their sinister deeds.


SciFi SciFi