Dug out a very (very very) old and rather outdated project of mine, one of my first tries with interactive comics.
A dystopian world ruled by Industrial Cooperations.
Rights and social status depends on income exclusively
Fast technological progress opened the door to the stars
and the Industrial Empire started to conquer the galaxy.


Strange things are going on on Lloigor, a secret deep space research station. You are Special Investigator Omega6, ordered to investigate the situation on Lloigor.

Surprisingly World War III did not end in a nuclear Armageddon. Although tactical nukes have been used nobody dared to resort to strategic nuclear weapons. Still, the use of chemical and biological weapons was wide-spread. The results was almost as devastating as a nuclear war. More then 30% of mankind died, most of them after the war because of artificial epidemic plagues and famines.

Even before the war started international companies begun to take over local governments and it was the hunger for dwindling resources that ignited the war. After years the same companies realized that the old path leads to nowhere and the time has come to establish a new world order.

The United American Empire made the first step. The first treaties have been concluded with the German Catholic Reich, not only because of the close ties between the American Empire and the German Reich. The chair-mans agreed that a religious background was the most promising way to regain control and to establish a stable and obedient society. This decision was mostly triggered by two facts: The success of the Caliphates, who not only managed to gain control of the middle east during the war, but also conquered the whole African continent. The other reason was that the catholic church used the war to regain authority and become a power that could not be neglect and the German Reich was the most promising path to the Vatican.

A agreement with the German Reich was found fast. The negotiations with the Vatican took significant longer but finally a agreement was found also. Most European countries joined the new Empire, the others got conquered with minimum effort.

Freed from most ethical restrictions the Western Industrial Empire grew fast, raising fears within the Caliphates and the eastern countries. The most powerful eastern countries buried their traditional hostility to face the new challenge. Negotiations between the two power blocs started and finally, despite the structural and cultural differences, they have been successful.

For a short time the world was on the verge of a new, big war. The Western Industrial Empire and the Eastern Union versus the Caliphates. The reasons were the same that led the last war: Mineral resources. In the end the opinion that a collaboration would be more profitable prevailed. Within 10 years a base at the moon was established and only 20 years later a base at mars. The Industrial Empire was on it's way into Space.

The Lloigor System

BM developed interest in Neutron Star PSR B1257 after the DSE07 incident. Deep Space Explorer 7, a research ship owned by SpaceNet Corp, was exploring the unusual configuration of the magnetic field of PSR B1257 when three members of the crew has been killed. The first casualty was a technician. Parts of his body, including his eyes, morphed into a jellylike substance without forewarning. He was moved to the ship's hospital where he died short after. The medical, who tried to find out what happened to the technician, went berserk and killed the chief officer who was at the infirmary at that time. Short after the medical commenced suicide.

SpaceNet Corp, the leading company in deep space travel and communication, recognized that they had hit something monstrous but also lack resources and know how to evaluate and take profit out that discovery. Space Net decided to cooperate with BioMagnetics since BM is market leader in bioengineering and both companies have a long history of successful cooperations. s

PSR B1257 was officially named Lloigor and a research station, the Alpha Base, was built at the moon of the second planet of the Lloigor system. The incredible results led to a fast upgrading of the station. The alpha base was built deep into the rock of the moon to shield the base from eruptions of the Neutron Star. Same goes for the Beta station, although Beta features newly developed magnetic shields and was built close to the surface. Since Beta confirmed the safeness of the shield the last expansion stage, the Delta Base, was built on the surface. There never was a Charlie Base also there are indications that a third, top secret base was built outside the original base area.