Imperial Agent Sybilla - The Lost Blockchain

The Industrial Empire
Governments and national states are a thing of the past. The world is ruled by companies, banks and religion, united in a plutocratic system. Social status and power depends on income and shares a person holds. No income, no stocks, no rights.
Imperial Police
The Imperial Police works independently from banks and companies. A special section of the police, the Imperial Agents, deals with crimes that threaten the security of the Empire.

United Space Command
The USC represents the military arm of the Empire. Initially a small organisation, the USC became the strongest military force in human history during the Bug Wars.

The Bug Wars
The Bugs are an Insectoid species and a fierce enemy. The encounter between mankind and Bugs started a terrible war that raged for decades and almost destroyed the Empire. Eventually the Empire was able to expel the Bugs from Imperial territory, but not to subdue them.

CyGen Rangers
Cygen are elite soldiers who are genetically improved cyborgs. The process is expensive, time consuming and less that one percent of candidates survive the procedure, so there are only a few CyGen. No CyGen has died of natural causes so far, so their lifespan is unknown.
The lower levels of the mega-city, just a few stories above the realm of gangs, drugs racketeering, slave trading and illegal clubs. Sybilla loves to come back to this place. She hid down there after she fled from the Biomag labs and before she was recruited by the Imperial police. The gangs called her “The Smiling Reaper”.
She misses those times, there was no need for her to suppress her murderous instinct. The price she has to pay for getting access to confidential material and research facilities what may help her to restore her lost memories and to uncover where she came from and what she is.
A CyGen had sent her a request for a secret meeting. A very unusual, not to mention interesting, request.

He Franz! Check dad ass!
Now that´s some tight ass. Think I have to loosen it a lil bit before we sell her to the Pakks.

Easy Money.
A gun? That little toy won´t save you now girl.

How do you like it boy? Wait, let me guess: Brutal!.
Yeah, I'll show you brutal!

What a fortunate coincidence. I like it brutal too.
Monster! The Franks will hunt you down and kill you!.

The Franks? They still exist? Used to like their beer.
Tell them The Reaper is back.
You are the CyGen I met during the Snuff Club case!

You are right, that is why I suggested this place for a meeting. I have to inform you that I am here on clear violation of Imperial Orders.
Interesting, I thought that is impossible for you CyGens.

The Board of Companies may rule the empire, but they are not the Empire. Our loyalty to the Empire is hard-wired into the artificial parts of our brains and protected by our nanites. But, if we come to the decision that it necessary to protect the Empire, we are perfectly able to act against the Board, the Police, Special investigations or the Space Command.

I need to scan you before I can give you further information.
Excluding the nanites that build your uniform 36% of you body volume consists of nanites.
7 types of military grade nanites.... mutated 2 types of police use nanites.... mutated 5 groups of unknown nanites with a unkown number of sub-types.
Origin: Unknow Function: Unknow
2 sub-types matching key fragments 2 and 9. Sub-types classify as Lloigor 7a and 23p.
Presumed connection verified. I will inform you now about our discovery.
What do you know about the blockchain based currencies of the early 21th century?
Not much. After the company wars one-dimensional blockchains got replaced by fractal arrays. The Archeological Society preserved some of the blockchains for the Historical Museum and collectors keep some of the chains alive.

A surprising number of those old chains still is in use. The Dolcettians for instance use the BBQ chain, USC soldiers use the UFC chain for unofficial purposes.

The Dolcettians? That is not surprising. They are such a bunch of romantics, But USC soldiers.... Does the Space Command now about this?

Space Command is informed of course. Usually they tolerate it, but when they found out that smugglers use UFC to bribe soldiers they had to take action. Since the USC is not allowed to operate in colonies of the Empire they asked us CyGen for help. During our investigations we detected a strange structure in that blockchain, so we contacted Special Investigatons for further research. Their scientific department discovered a array of fractal keys, reaching back to the genesis block of the chain.
Stop! That is not possible. Fractal Arrays was developed after the Company wars and unknown at those times.

Those blockchains are of surprising stability. Special Investigations is 100% positive that the chain was not tampered. Those hidden keys have been there from the beginning.
Special Investigations also found similarities between that key array and some of the unknown nanites in you. My scan has verified that: At least two of those key fragments are compatible to your nanites. Either these nanites are based on the information within that array or those keys are designed for your nanites.
You still have a lot of enemies at the board, members who would prefer to get rid of you. Since there might be a conspiracy Special Investigations and the Imperial Police decided to leave investigations to us and we decided that it is necessary to have you informed and at this case. We already are working on the chains in use by companies and collectors and want you to infiltrate the black market and collectors of illegal collectible1es. You will team up with a Omega 8 Investigator, he already awaits you at Jacks bar.
A Omega Investigator? Thought those guys would rather risk a demotion than going on a mission with me.
The ground level of the city, the bottom. Far away from the sun and the dark night sky, and a dangerous place to be. Downtown is often the final destination for the unemployed, outcasts and fugitives.
Hi Syb! How is my favorite girl doing?
Now look who we've got here! Last time we met you still was a Rookie and now you already are a Omega level Investigator. How many dicks did you have to suck to get promoted that fast?
That mission with you brought me a lot of attention by the higher ups and for the other rookies I suddenly was kind of a hero. I mean, I know those rumors about you of course. Still... Oh, and the performance evaluation you gave me in your report was helpful also, although it was only one word: Promising.

I rarely need more than one word for the performance evaluation. Usually it is “Dead”.
Don't believe those gossip about my little girl. Only a few of those rumors are true, the really disturbing ones.

Enough of that chitchat, we got a job to do.
Next time you better come with Cyptsy and some more time for old Jack, or you are in for a spanking!
That Jack is a strange guy and I am a little bit surprised that you allow him to speak with you that way.

You have no idea how strange. I owe him a lot. He was the paramedic of the rescue team that found me on that Bug invested planet. I owe him my life, maybe even more. Just a friendly advice: Never, never ever mess with Jack. Sometimes he creeps me out, and that should tell you enough.

Back to the Job. We start with the Pakk. Although they are slavers, they also occasionally work as smugglers. If someone down here deals with ancient Crypto Coins they should know.
I doubt that we will have much success with that. The coins that survived the Company Wars switched to Fractal Arrays and the original Blockchains are lost. If those data still exists and if there really are collectors of those old chains we should find them Uptown and not down here.

You would be surprised. After the war and the rise of the Empire this metropolis was simply build over the remains of the old cities. The Gravitation Shield technology made fundaments obsolete. The upper parts of the city simply float over the older parts. Down here you can find areas that date back before WW2. Those collectors of ancient technologies might live Uptown, but the stuff they collect is found here.
So we are archeologists now?
I hate slavers!

Still a Boyscout?

No sweat, my pale friend. Just want to give you a chance to repay some of your debt. How´s Biz?

Not good. Unemployment is rising, slaves are cheap and the market is down. I am sure you are not here to invest into slaves, so it must be our other line of business you are interested in.
You really are much brighter than you look. I'm interested in prewar, blockchain based cryptos

There is a high demand for those lately, especially {as or after} physical coins became extremely valuable. I can organize some for you if you want.
Intriguing, but I need the Blockchain too.

Those are physical, pre-war KED and UFC. They feature a samarium 151 inlay that allow{s} a verification of their age. On their back there is a QR4 micro code that contains the complete blockchain up the the date of their creation.

Those must be very valuable items. So, why are you telling me about them?

With that I not only repay my debt, now you owe me a favor and I think the most infamous agent of the Imperial Police owing me a favor makes this a fucking good deal.

Our next stop will be the Franks, seems like they are still in the biz. I should warn you about Hartmut, their boss. He is a war hero... and a failed CyGen. His nanites are eating him alive, slowly but steady. Don't know how he manages to stay sane. I have a lot of respect for him and so should you.

I heard the experiments you suffered have been worse, still you managed to stay sane.

YOU! Did I run out of luck this time?