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Sexcoin Intergalactic - Mission Walpurgis 13

Jen and Renna are pilots working for Sexcoin Intergalactic, a company specialized in sex tourism. SexI also maintains a fleet of research ships, always on the look for sources of new entertainment and drugs, especially aphrodisiacs.
Was very interesting for a chance... and kind of scary. A Imperial Agent was there, giving us classified information about that Lloigor incident, really creepy stuff.

Cool! Alt least we will have something to talk about during the flight. I file you in: It is a two weeks mission to a promising planet one of our robo probes found, Walpurgis 13. Like the name says, a Walpurgis class planet. Lots of vegetation but no animal life, a high chance of new drugs and aphrodisiacs. Our crew: You and me of course, a mech-girl, a nurse and a armed private, just in case the robo probe made a mistake and there are dangerous lifeforms hidden there. Our job is to verify the report of the roboprobe before a research team is sent.

Oh no! Not a tits only mission again! Please tell me that that private is a sturdy guy.

Sorry, this is a girls only mission again but It's not like we girls can not have some fun ourself.
Girls are OK, but dicks are fun and.... Hey! Wait, I know that ass. Is Xina our mech bunny? That would be great, she is cute and a hell of fun.

We are done with our checks. As far as customs is concerned you are cleared for takeoff.
Dammit Kathy, your Custom Girl Uniform is so sexy and your tits are so tasty!

Hey! Hands off! I am on duty!

I also have to inform you that there was a last minute change. There will be a additional crew member, a class A certified stewardess.
What? We got a professional Sex Stewardess as passenger? Cool! Maybe we can lure her into some action.

Sight, will you ever learn to listen Renna? Did I say something about passenger? She is a crew member and as copilot you will be her superior. No need to “lure” her.

Out of my way!

What the fuck....
Geez... hard to believe that this little nymphomaniac is one of our best pilots.

Yeah, guess this will be one of “those” missions with her again.

But really? A Class A stewardess? I know the mission commander has kind of a crush on me but this is ridiculous. Maybe we will secretly pick up some VIP on our flight?

Don't think so. There are no space stations or inhabited world on your route. Maybe she works for Special Investigations?
Huh? What do you mean?

Aw, come on. I can't believe you pilots don't talk about those stuff. A lot of A Class stewardesses and hostesses work for the imperial intelligence service, that's only natural.

But what interest could the secret service hold in us?

Lol, I don't thinks it's you. Maybe it rather is your mission.

That would be even more ridiculous. It's only a Walpurgis class plant we are checking.

Maybe... I don't know, just are careful. Those Walpurgis class planets probably are not as harmless as they may seem.
Private Sina reporting for duty Mam.

Wow, that's one big gun. Better use the ramp on the back.
Don't worry, we will be careful. CU!
Monster! The Franks will hunt you down and kill you!.

The Franks? They still exist? Used to like their beer.
What's wrong? Isn't the stewardess here yet?

She is, but she gave me a good scolding and sent me to the cockpit. Aren't Sex Stewardesses supposed to be docile and subserving? What's wrong with her?
Cool! Any help to keep you in line is welcome.
All hatches are secured and the crew is ready for takeoff.
Zero field activated, entry point stable. Bring us in.
Generator output nominal,estimated time till it needs to be recharged: 7 hours.
Arrrg... 7 boring hours ahead. Do you take the Zero Space shift? I take a nap and take over when we are back in normal space.
You are such a freak! Nobody halfway sane sleeps in Zero Space. Aren't you afraid of Zero Space nightmares? Just thinking about gives me the creeps.
Actually I like to sleep in Zero Space too.
Hi! My name is Susan and i will serve you on this mission.
Café au lait for our cute mechgirl.
Green tea for the captain.
And Black Bull with extra sugar for Sexcoin Galactic's most infamous pilot. It is me a honor to meet one of the heroes of Klendathu, the only pilot who ever was able to get a ship safely into Zero Space within a planetary atmosphere.
And Black Bull with extra sugar for Sexcoin Galactic's most infamous pilot. It is me a honor to meet one of the heroes of Klendathu, the only pilot who ever was able to get a ship safely into Zero Space within a planetary atmosphere.
Please don't be shocked, a good hostess has to know about her customers.
Those are classified information that even are not included in my personnel record.
Please don't be shocked, a good hostess has to know about her customers.
Those are classified information that even are not included in my personnel record.
So it is true? Class A hostesses work for the Imperial Secret Service?
No, well, a few of us maybe. We high rank hostesses usually work for high rank customers of course and since not only male tongues tend to slip under certain circumstances one of the many requirements for a Class A diploma is a Omega 9 or higher security clearance.
Then why are you here? I heard Class A Hostesses are pretty expensive?
Actually the usual fee for a Class A Hostess is 5SXC per day, plus tips and shares of course.

Fuck! That's more than I make in a week!
We can discuss my income if that is your wish, but I could also show you that I can do much more interesting things with my tongue than talking.
Fucking God!
Lol, seems like things I have heard about Sexcoin Intergalactic stewardesses are true.
Problems! The scanners show a rift ahead. Probably level 4 or higher.
Confirmed. Level 5 rift 2 minutes ahead. Sorry Ren, fun is over.
On your console Ren.
But her tongue is vibrating!
A damn big one, guess we have no other choice than to drop back to normal space and wait for the generator to recharge.
Why always me? Stupid rifts, it's almost like they are following me.
Do we really have to? I know Ren easily can fly through a level 5, during the evacuation of Lloigor she even flew through a level 9.
You even know about the Lloigor incident? You must have a hell of a security clearance. You are right, Ren and I was there and helped with the evacuation, but even we don't know what really happened there.
We stewardesses hear about a lot of things. Are you curious? If we fly through the rift I tell you what really happened on Lloigor.
Ok, you got me. What about you Ren?
Nope, not interested. If we drop back to normal space I have one hour more to enjoy Susan's amazing tongue. Much more interesting than a boring rift or that Lloigor shit.
If you fly us through that rift I would show you even more interesting things I can do with my mouth.
Deal! Let's go!
Private Sina? Captain Janna here. We want to fly through a rift, do you have any rift experience?
What about you Xina?
Yes Mam. A rift flight is part of basic training for all members of Sexcoin Self Defense Forces now.
What about you Xina?
Will you hold me?
Here we go!
Light inversion has started, we are in.
As stewardess you must have a lot if rift experience Susan.
Actually not, at least not as stewardess. Passenger flights follow only rift-free routes and, in case that really a rift appears, the pilot immediately drop back into normal space. But I have studied Zero Space physics and have done some rift flights, however nothing above level 2.
Wow, the light inversion is harder than in a level 2 rift.
Your skin glows..... That means you was born in Zero Space!
Cool thing! Me Too! Hi sis!
Your eyes, why are they black?
Hehe... that is because I not only was born in Zero Space,
I was born within a rift.
Nah, it's OK. After all, Susan is a sister. Everybody who flies through a rift with me sees that I am a little weird anyway.
A little weird? I would rather say everybody who flew with you wherever knows that you are completely nuts! Still, it's a secret and you know that you are not allowed to talk about it,
That is amazing! I know of 122 women who was born in Zero Space and survived and of 8 men, but I have never heard of a child born within a rift.
122:8? Cool! Girlpower! However this surly kills my chances to fuck a Zero Space guy.
The female bio-electric field is different from the male. Although we women have some kind of natural Zero Space compatibility and vulnerability we also are protected by our bio-electric field.
Is that the reason why there are so many girls only missions lately?
Maybe. Since Lloigor the number of rifts has strongly increased, especially of higher level rifts. Lately they even appear on former secure routes. Oh! Look! There is a ghost over there!
Those ghosts are just illusions Xin. They can't do any harm.
Unless you panic and bump into a wall head first, like Xin did.
You can't blame Xin for that, this ghost was really going for her ass.
Actually I can't blame that ghost for trying. Xin really has such a damn tasty ass.
Hehe... illusion or not, seems like this ghost also knows what he wants.