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Three Little Witches - My Store - SXC BTC Doge

Three girls, a old book about witchcraft, a abandoned house, a creepy attic, what could possibly go wrong?

On a dark, cloudy evening three girls meet at a abandoned house, equipped with candles and a old book about witchcraft they have found, to have some scary fun playing witches. Little do they know that the book is real and their game will become more than a little bit scary.

Was it that they really, unknowingly, was witches, was it because of the powers of the book, much to their own surprise the summoning really opened a door, a gateway to the realms of horror. Hell reaches out to the little witches to claim them it's own.
But the three girls are not devoured. They are modified, altered, and sent back to our world as spawns of hell. Some thugs, unfortunate enough to cross their path, thinking three cute girls would be easy prey, will be the perfect victims for them to test their new powers and desires.

The Mad Scientist

Few have seen his hidden labs, and those who have wish they could forget, forget about the tentacles and parasites. His private assistant and nurse know better than to hesitate when ordered to join him at his labs. Quickly she changes her official nurse outfit into the special one the Mad Scientist prefers and hurries down into the cellar where his secret labs are hidden. As much as the fears the horrors that are waiting for her, even more she fears what the Mad Scientist might do to her if she refuses.
Agent Sybilla - The illegal snuff club - Comic

She’s one of the toughest Imperial Police Agents and the subject of many rumours. They say that she is a sadistic slut, a bloodthirsty monster, an inhuman demon, an alien freak, a cannibalistic witch with superhuman powers, and that she loves to slay her opponents in gruesome ways. Most of these rumours are true!
Agent Sybilla - Deadly Dolls - Comic

Dolls are androids based on organic machines. Their advanced artificial intelligence made them popular as service androids, and their look and feel made them perfect Sex Dolls. When nanites turned Sex Dolls into murderous killing machines, Sybilla is appointed to the case and she makes the alarming discovery that these nanites have close ties to her own origins.
Robot City

Robo City, robots are the masters here and there is no place human women are safe from them.
Space babes in trouble

Cargo flight are routine for a experienced crew of spacebabes. But this time the cargo not only turns out to be very dangerous, it gets out of control and drags the spacebabes, together with her ship, into hell.
The Bad Ol' Times

Stories from the Kingdom of Aquinas
The Slave Market

Financial straits can cause serious marital problems, fortunately the laws of the Kingdom of Aquinas provide a simple and efficient solution for both problems, especially if you have a golden-haired, busty wife that brings in quite nice money at the slave market. Easily enough money to cover your debts and to buy a, average looking but trained and eager to please, slavegirl.
Farm Slaves

All technology and most animals are gone, mankind falls back into barbaric times. Only women who give birth to a male are allowed to live as humans, all others have to serve as livestock. Daily life on a little farm - milking and breeding.
Cannibals Tavern - Guro Comic (Warning: ☠ Gore ☠)

Thoma, leader of a gang of scavengers, is on his way towards Ambrosis, the capital city of Aquina, his wagon loaded with slavegirls. Although slavery is legal in the kingdom of Aquina, Thoma prefers to avoid awkward queries and enters the city through a side entrance where the lone guard usually is very willing to skip on questions in exchange for a few coppers and a slavegirl's ass. This night his first customer is the innkeeper of a very special dive, a place some people know as the “Cannibals Tavern” and Thoma has a very special and valuable piece of meat for him.
Cannibals Tavern 2 - Guro Comic (Warning: ☠ Gore ☠)

Tits on the menue and a deal.with the devil.
City of New Stepford

Welcome to New Stepford, the city where women not only are willing but obliged to serve men's sexual needs.
Looking for a job - Comic

In New Stepford all unmarried women older than 21 are supposed to have a job. The law is strict, if a women is unemployed for more than 2 weeks it's social duty for her, usually as street or prison fuck. Irene, who only has a few days left to find a new job, decides to ask her cousin, who works for a big company, for help. Unfortunately it turns out that all sexcretary jobs already are taken. But he has another job offer for her.
Downtown Streetfucks - Comic

Steven, who happily moved to Stepford as soon as he was 18, explores Stepford's downtown. A rough place, known for it's free-to-use street whores.
Downtown Streetfucks 2 - Comic

Steven continues his stroll through New Stepford's downtown when he discovers, much to her embarrassment and his joy, that his aunt is standing at the street as a streetfuck, available for everyone.
Dolcettish World

Imagine a world with an overwhelming amount of women, willing and eager to please. Imagine a world where it is quite normal to use women for sexual pleasure and..... as a supply for meat. Every woman of legal age is obliged to take part in the governmental meat lottery. When her number comes up she has to report to the next slaughterhouse to be processed.
Dolcett girls cruises - Their Last Vacation - Comic - My Store - SXC BTC Doge

A mother and her daughter make a last vacation before they have to report to the slaughterhouse. When they learn about a big party planed on the ship they decide to volunteer. Of course the captain has to give them a thorough inspection before he accepts their offer.

Last Vacation @ Images4Sale
Cigarette Break

Some workers at the Dolcett City Slaughterhouse decide for a unscheduled cigarette break to have some fun.

Cigarette break @ Images4Sale
Slaughterhouse Pickup Service - Comic

Dolcett City's newest public service: A pickup service for women who's number came up.
Since a new law requires that a women makes her last trip to the slaughterhouse full nude Margret, a volunteer, decides against taking the bus. Sitting in a public bus, fully nude among strangers, would be to embarrassing for her so she wants to use the new pickup service instead.
She should have taken the bus.
Spit Training - Comic

A sneaky daughter snatches some "spit training" from her dad
Wife & daughter for sale - Comic

Because of a new job a man has to relocate to a different part of the country and cant take his wife and daughter with him. Of course he could simply send them to the Municipal Slaughterhouse but, since he is a such a nice and caring man, he decides to put them up for sale instead.
Susan is, after a extensive test ride, bought by a boy from the neighborhood for his sex and torture toy experiments, while her daughter is acquired by the Caring Angels, a charity organization that takes care of the needs of the elderly men of Dolcett City.
Slaughterhouse Report 1 - Comic

Famous Dolcett City star reporter Merideth does a last interview ( again ;)

To give her fans a inside view of Dolcett City's municipal slaughterhouse Merideth decides to do the reportage from the meats point of view, going through the complete pre-processing like any other women converted to meat.

Merideth and her crew are welcomed by the quality control manager of the slaughterhouse who warns her that the preparation process is kind of rough and asks if she really wants to experience the whole procedure first hand. After Merideth agreed he takes them to the registration where the women are registered and legally converted
Dickgirl City

Stories from a city of dickgirls
Dickgirl City Afternoon - My Store - SXC BTC Doge

It is a sunny afternoon and two students of the Dickgirl City College decide to have some fun in the city. The girls have that much fun that the Dickgirl City Police hast to step in..... and join the fun
Rotten Dickgirl School - Bullies - My Store - SXC BTC Doge

Most pupils of this rundown dickgirl college are nice and well behaved dickgirls, but some of the are bullies who just take what they want.
Dickgirl Handmaiden - My Store - SXC BTC Doge

Well trained dickgirls not only are excellent servants, they also give two different kinds of milk
Public Dickgirl Sex - My Store - SXC BTC Doge

A kinky couple has fun with two cute dickgirls on the city train.
Medical Dickgirl Checkup - My Store - SXC BTC Doge

Frisky dickgirls need regular checkups but often are difficult patients. Fortunately the hospital nurse knows how to handle horny dickgirls and how to get a sufficient cum sample.
StepfordX Family Slaves

In StepfordX all women are property and traded like any other goods.
Family Slaves - Bratty Sister

A sneaky girl tricks her older brother into showing her who's the boss.

Bratty Sister @ Images4Sale
Family Slaves - Owning Mom

Emily and her son Robert, who moved to StepfordX as soon as he was 18, are adjusting to their new life in the city where all women are property. Robert to study slave trading history and economics and Emily to become her son´s perfect sex toy.

Owning Mom @ Images4Sale
Sissyboy City

Stories from a city of sissy boys
Sissyboy Country School - Getting seated - My Store - SXC BTC Doge

The little sissies have to get acquainted to their special sissy chairs. One of them is afraid of the big dildo and tries to cheat, not unnoticed by the teacher.
Sissymaid Mansion - My Store - SXC BTC Doge

A woman visits her friend, the mistress of Sissymaid Mansion, to present a new sissyboy to her.
Sissy Slut Adventures 1 - My Store - SXC BTC Doge

Little sissy slut was looking for an adventure, and finds more than she was looking for. She runs into a street gang that knows how to use a sissy.
Sissies in Space - My Store - SXC BTC Doge

Life is hard for cute sissy boys under the command of well endowed dickgirls.
Slavers & Slaves

Hunting for black slavegirls

Fresh merchandise is delivered to a camp of blackbirders.
Public Cum Dumps

A special Slavegirl City service: Public cumdumps. Cumdump is not a very popular job, but somebody has to du it.