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Bimbofication Institute
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Dolcett - Slaves & Slaves - Submission and domination - SciFi, Spacebabes, Horror and Monsters, Incest and family slaves - Cute sissy and femboys - Dickgirls - Porn tales from imaginary forgotten times. Areas:

Slavers and slaves

The Bimbofication Institute Future bimbo fucktoys undergo a strict training including deepthroat, cum drinking, tit enlargement anal and ass to mouth. Of course each future bimbo sluts gets thoroughly tested by qualified bimbo inspectors.

The slave nuns of St. Dominus.

Sissyboy City

Sissy slut adventure

Little sissy is out for an adventure and gets more than she was looking for. She runs into a street gang and is thoroughly fucked and used before sold to an new daddy who pays nice money for her.

Sissy Country School

A little scared but also excited the cute sissy schoolgirls begin their first day at the sissy school. First they have to get used to the special dildo chairs they have to use from now on. One of the sissies is afraid to take the big dildo into here little boy cunt and tries to cheat, not unnoticed by their strict teacher. A big butt plug and a spanking in front of class are the consequences of the attempted cheating.

New Stepford

In New Stepford women not only are willingly sexual available to men, they are obliged to do so and the concept of “Free Use” is a fundamental part of the New Stepford society.

Company Slut

New Stepford law requires all women over 21 years old and not married to have a job. The law is strictly enforced and, if a women is unemployed for more than 2 weeks, she usually is sentenced to social service. Usually a few weeks has street fuck or prison whore.

Irene, who only has a few days left to find a new job, decides to ask her cousin, who works for a big company, for help. Unfortunately, it turns out that all sexcretary jobs already are taken. But he has another job offer for her.

New Stepford Housewife

Beer and blowjob is the usually welcome home darling in New Stepford

Downtown Streefucks

Steven, who happily moved to New Stepford as soon as he was 18, explores Stepford's downtown as part of a school project. A rough place, known for it's free-to-use streetfucks. When Steven continues his exploration of New Stepford&apos's downtown. Much to his surprise, and to her embarrassment he finds his aunt there, as a free-to-use streetfuck and of course he take advantage of the situation. Since his Aunt already was sentenced to street fuck duty she has no choice but to obey and sever him or her next duty would be street fuck cleaner or prison duty.

Dolcett & Cannibals

Imagine a world with an overwhelming amount of women, willing and eager to please. Imagine a world where it is quite normal to use women for sexual pleasure and..... as a supply for meat.

Dolcett City Slaughterhouse Report

Famous star reporter Merideth visit Dolcetts biggest Slaughterhouse. To give the viewers a detailed insight, and as a special services for her fans, she decided to do the report from the view of the women that are processed there. From registering, conversion to meat, cleaning, veterinary exam and grading to the butchering lines. Little does she know that this will be her last report and that she will be get a much more detailed insight on how it feels to be meat than she thought.


In StepfordX all women are property of their oldest male relative. Usually their father, husband, father-in-law or oldest son.

Tentacles and monsters

Tentacle Alice

A magical mirror drops Alice into the land of tentacles. At first she fears their slimy touch, but soon she has no choice but to enjoy the pleasure they give exploring her orifices.

Dickgirl High - horny sailor suit dickgirls It is not easy for the teachers of Dickgirl high to keep the horny schoolgirls in line. Dickgirl City Afternoon

It is a sunny afternoon and two Futanari High schoolgirls went to the city to have some fun. They meet a friend and soon their fun gets out of control and the dickgirl police has to step in.